Catering and Celebrations


Salted Malted is here to help with your next event or celebration! Just email or call us 48-hours in advance and we can accommodate your event.

Our master baker Lauren and her team are extremely skilled at creating custom treats. They can beautifully replicate your logo on cakes and cookies for a surprising and impactful gift or centerpiece for your next event. If you have a favorite dessert that you would like to offer at your next party or celebration, no doubt Lauren can accommodate your wishes. All you need to do is supply her with a description or recipe, and we’re pretty confident she’ll be able to re-create any dessert you desire. Yes, she’s that good! Prices will depend on the scope and size of the dessert requested. Our baking team can also make your holiday pies with advance notice.

Ask us about our “Party-in-a-Box”. We have created a concept that will provide a unique, exciting and simplified addition to your next event or party! Examples:

  • Ice-cream Sundae Party-in-a-Box: includes your choice of ice-cream flavors, toppings, cookies, bowls, spoons, napkins, and if you like, we may be able to add aprons, t-shirts and visors so you can offer them as take-home party favors. (Minimum 7-day notice required for these. Please call or visit us for more information.) We can also provide a “snackologist” who can guide your guests in the preparation of their dream ice-cream sundaes and clean up after the festivities!
  • Milkshake Party-in-a-Box: Let your guests’ imaginations run wild with a “milkshake bar”. Select a variety of ice-cream flavors and add-ins (apple pie, gourmet cookies, and much more). We will include the milk, but if you would like to offer some “adult beverages” as additions (Bailey’s, Kahlua, & Amaretto are all highly recommended), we’ll have to leave that up to you. We’ll loan you a milkshake machine along with one of our warm and friendly staff members to assist with the blending if you like. (Minimum 7-day notice required. Call or visit for more information).
  • Waffle Party-in-a-Box: Planning a weekend brunch? You can choose from sweet and savory waffle batters and plenty of toppings to create a unique “waffle bar”. One of our talented bakers will bring all of the ingredients and a waffle iron or two to your home or event location to prepare custom waffles for your guests. Optional: if you would like to add our unique, ultra-lean Canadian peameal bacon as a menu item, we can cook it to order alongside our delicious waffles. Of course, we can have staff available to help. We can also bring the O.J., milk and coffee (and any other items such as fresh fruit) to make this a fully catered brunch spectacular. (Please call or visit us to learn more).
  • Call, text, email ( or stop into the store for more information and pricing. We can work with you on any event, small or large and everything in between!