Las Vegas Location Now Open!

Our Mission Statement

“To provide quality and original food offerings and a first-rate, exciting customer experience in the quick-serve Bakery Café and Creamery segments of the restaurant industry while creating a significant profit potential for our future franchisees”


Partner Cait Messina is a native of Toronto, Canada. After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Brock University, she pursued a career in brand management, working with such prestigious companies as Nabisco, Hiram-Walker and Dempster’s Bakeries. She has launched dozens of successful products in the food and beverage industries. Her very first job was at McDonald’s, where she won numerous awards and recognitions, and her love for the restaurant industry has never waned since her days as “Employee of the Year”.


A resident of Las Vegas since 1992, Cait has closely followed every major chef and new restaurant concept hitting Vegas. Her hobby is cooking and she is a true foodie by today’s definition. For years she has been waiting for some of the great Canadian specialties she grew up with to come to her adopted home town. Her inspiration that lead to the Salted Malted brand is the Original Carousel Bakery Peameal Bacon sandwich, a Toronto classic with a worldwide following. Her second inspiration was “Poutine”, an incredibly tempting concoction of French fries, gravy and cheese curds that is a beloved treat throughout Canada. Variations of poutine are showing up in restaurants across the United States and this delicacy is highly ranked in many “Top Food Trends of 2015” lists.


Leonard Messina takes his inspiration from his maternal grandfather Franco LaRosa who along with his 4 brothers founded LaRosa & Sons Macaroni Company in 1914. From the back of the family butcher shop these immigrants created the largest macaroni company in the country until its sale in the mid 1970’s. Over the years, Leonard has achieved tremendous success in the financial services industry in New York City and has launched numerous highly lucrative businesses, including a chain of top-performing medical clinics. He also owned and operated a busy and popular sandwich shop in Grand Central Station for many years.

Leonard has been looking for the right food business that could become a franchise company since his arrival in Las Vegas over 15 years ago. This project, if done properly, promises to be a tribute to his late mother and her father who were pioneers in the packaged foods industry. Leonard’s son Chef Damien Messina will be a consulting chef on this project. Damien Messina is currently executive chef at the Head of the Bay Club in Huntington, New York. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and the Italian Culinary Institute in Asti, Italy. He spent 4 years as an apprentice chef in Italy before returning as a sous chef at San Domenico in New York. His baked goods recipes are second to none and he will bring a true international flare to this project.

Our Team

We are seeking to hire and develop a team of highly motivated, outgoing, caring and warm staff who have natural nurturing personalities and a desire to please. All staff, from management to cooks and servers will be encouraged to provide outstanding friendly and sincere service throughout the customer's time in the store.

Unique Food Offerings

Salted Malted will offer food items that are unique to most U.S. markets. One such item is the world famous Peameal Bacon on a Bun, a classic Toronto sandwich with grilled Canadian peameal (also known as back) bacon. Given the huge Canadian population in many U.S. markets, combined with thousands of Americans from northern states who have visited Canada and have enjoyed this sandwich, we anticipate that this group alone will not only patronize our stores but spread the word about this unique and amazing sandwich.

Our research leads us to believe that Salted Malted will be the first U.S. restaurant to offer the genuine Canadian bacon sandwich and we anticipate that its ensuing popularity will lead to a great deal of press and to many other restaurants trying to replicate this delicious menu offering. Salted Malted will also capitalize on the “poutine” trend. Poutine, which is a long-loved Canadian food item served in diners, casual eateries and food trucks, is leading the list of “Top Food trends for 2015”. Salted Malted will also offer an outstanding vegan version of the gravy for this item, thus appealing to a wider audience.

Poutine, which is a long-loved French Canadian food staple served in diners, casual eateries, food trucks and fine dining establishments, is leading the list of “Top Food trends for 2015”.

“The world famous Peameal Bacon on a Bun is a classic Toronto standwich with grilled Canadian back bacon. On a typical busy Saturday, Carousel Bakery will sell over 2,600 Peameal Bacon Sandwiches in one day.”

While Salted Malted does not expect to sell anywhere near the remarkable volume of sandwiches that Carousel Bakery does, they do expect to sell 100+ per day.

Other Considerations

Price points for all food offerings will accommodate all income levels. Our goal is to provide maximum value, using quality ingredients and generous servings.

Our online pre-order service, as well as our quick-serve window and Apple Pay/Google Wallet and “Commissary gift card” will allow on-the-go patrons to get their orders efficiently.

Because we will be open around the clock, Salted Malted will be able to accommodate the 24/7 work and lifestyles of both locals and tourists in it’s pilot location in Las Vegas.

Salted Malted plans to implement aggressive and on-going social media campaigns and unique and exciting promotions to ensure consistent visibility and top-of-mind awareness with all target audiences. In addition, we plan to attend many community events offering food samples and we will be active in seeking out local media support, including radio station remotes and on-air product samplings and demonstrations.

Salted Malted will be extremely committed to philanthropy, supporting both local and national causes.