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At Salted Malted we have reinvented the art of snacking. Using familiar (and sometimes sophisticated/daring) flavors and ingredients, we strive to create lovingly crafted, homespun-style treats and eats. Some are gluten-free, sugar-free or vegan and some are just like grandma used to make. Our devoted and talented bakers and cooks share our passionate vision and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Hunger Halted indeed!

Our inspiration comes from memories of an after-school snack, midnight-munchies fix or lazy Sunday afternoon treat made with love by someone at home or served up at the local diner. Whether it’s the buttery aroma of a grilled cheese sandwich, the milk-craving whiff of freshly-baked cookies, or the anticipation of a belly-bombing ice-cream sundae or bacon-egg-cheese sandwiches, we want our customers to know that the greatest snacks and treats don’t come pre-packaged or don’t require ten adjectives to order.

Simple + fresh = best, no doubt about it! Further, at Salted Malted we feel that there should be NO RULES when it comes to eating, dining and snacking. If gravy-smothered fries, + vanilla donuts + a butterscotch milkshake is your breakfast craving, we’re on your side. Egg sandwich for dinner – of course! Potato chips in your ice-cream sundae – well why not? If your heart desires it and your belly requests it, our team is here to create whatever “combo meal” or snack suits your mood and appetite. We embrace the outrageous and we never question your choices. We may even name your snack or meal combo in honor of you (with permission, of course!).

While we keep the all-time popular menu items available daily, please keep an eye on our website and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for new and exciting goodies! You just may discover a treat that you’ve never experienced and will crave forever. Visit us on:

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hand-crafted + fresh + local

We start our baking from scratch every morning and we always aim for made-to-order items whenever possible. We make all of our own cookie dough – the traditional favorites and some surprising new ones that will rotate. Mix-and-match cookies for a customized ice-cream sandwich, add them as a base or topping for a sundae or even as an ingredient for your milkshake! Or just enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea or an ice-cold glass of milk.

Many of the toppings for our ice-cream sundaes, sandwiches and milkshakes are prepared from scratch to add the perfect final touch to even the wildest custom-order treat. If you desire, we can even toast the marshmallows to deliver that straight-from-the-campfire scorched and gooey awesomeness for any treat.

Our waffles are only prepared when you order them and our waffle cones and cups used for ice-cream treats are made fresh throughout the day. And trust us, once you’ve tried a waffle ice-cream sandwich made “Salted Malted-style” with a warm-from-the-griddle traditional waffle and a generous helping of your favorite ice-cream flavor tucked inside you may never look back!

Have you ever tried a customized soda-pop? Wait until you’ve experience a hand-crafted sparkling beverage made with your choice of delectable flavors and flavor-combinations. The options are only limited to your imagination! Try a float or egg-cream made with our house-made sodas for a one-of-a-kind treat.

The potatoes for our french-fry bar and poutine creations are fresh-cut, blanched and double-fried to create a fry experience like none other. Oh, and the gravy! We customize our vegan-friendly gravy recipe so that it perfectly replicates the poutine french-fry delicacy long-loved by Canadians and now trending all over the world! Not feeling the poutine thing? Ask for one of our several house-made fry dipping sauces or take the Canadian route and try vinegar (malt or white – both are available!)

We welcome you to donut-lovers’ heaven! We cook your donuts before your eyes. And you always get to add your choice of house-cured sugars (espresso, PBJ, Froot Loops, pistachio, bacon, amaretto to name just a few) and/or glazes (examples: maple, vanilla bean, milk chocolate, butterscotch, Nutella – flavors will rotate). Of course, you can always go traditional with cinnamon or powdered sugars but rest-assured, your donuts are always made-to-order.

And just wait until you experience our breakfast sandwiches made-to-order on house-baked Kaiser rolls. Forget everything you’ve understood to be “Canadian bacon”. Our local meat purveyor is making the real thing – traditional peameal bacon (also known as back bacon). Taking whole pork-loin hormone-free roasts, he brines the meat for five days then rolls the roast in cornmeal to create luscious, tender, ultra lean bacon. We griddle it to order to create a sandwich that you will request time and again. A fried egg or slice of cheese can be added to customize your sandwich. And it’s available throughout the day. We’re pretty sure those assembly-line, drive-thru morning sandwiches will be long-forgotten once you’ve tasted Salted Malted’s “breakfast-on-a-bun”. If you order it at dinner time, we’ll call it “brinner-on-a bun”.

Popular Regional Brands

Dole Whip: “Enjoy traditional pineapple or try other rotating flavors, including strawberry, orange or mango swirled in or on their own.”

We are proud to say we are the first location in North Las Vegas to serve Dole Whip, the lactose, gluten, fat and cholesterol free soft-serve frozen dessert. This long-loved treat was originally only available at Disney parks, but you can now enjoy it without the price of admission! The original pineapple Dole Whip is always available and we rotate strawberry, mango, orange and raspberry flavors.

We are thrilled to be the first North Las Vegas location to serve Peets Coffee and Tea, a pioneering artisan coffee chain that originated in Berkeley, CA in 1966. (http://www.peets.com/about-us/our-history).


Our respect for the environment comes through our commitment to making responsible choices. We have strived to use recycled materials for the interior of our store and we have selected recyclable packaging which helps address our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our green initiatives.